Republican State Legislators End 2017 with Another Special Election Victory

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Republican State Legislators End 2017 with Another Special Election Victory     

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 20th, 2017) — RSLC President Matt Walter released the following statement upon Lawrence McClure’s victory in the special election for Florida’s 58th House district:  

“Congratulations to Lawrence McClure on his victory Tuesday night to represent the citizens of Florida’s 58th House district. His presence in Tallahassee will be another reliable voice to help usher through the conservative, pro-business reforms of Governor Rick Scott and Lt. Governor López-Cantera’s administration. This marks another Republican special election victory in a series of wins heading into the new year.” 

Republicans maintain a strong majority in the Florida state House with McClure becoming the 77th Republican state representative in the 120-member chamber.  

In recent weeks, Republicans have flipped two state legislative districts most recently held by Democrats. In late November, conservative Neil Whaley won a special election to represent Mississippi’s 10th Senate district which was previously held by Democrat Bill Stone who served as the chamber’s minority Senate leader. In Massachusetts, Republican Dean Tran won a special election to represent the Worcester-Middlesex state Senate district which had been carried by at least 5% by both Democratic presidential nominees in 2016 and 2012. In total, four state legislative seats have flipped from Democratic to Republican control this year.